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Credit Cards


Best options for credit cards from 0% APR, to collect points, establish, and better your credit.

Close to 61% of America’s population don’t have any savings, which is why most families support themselves on credit cards and personal loans. Having credit cards is not only convenient at the time of paying for stuff, but it also helps you to establish a credit record and payment history which will help you gain access to better financing (as long as you pay on time) in the future.

Credit card usage continues to grow in popularity. These are the most common uses for them:

  • Ease payments.
  • Establish and improve your credit record.
  • Collect points, miles, and cash back.
  • Transfer balances from other cards
  • Consolidate debts.

There are different types of cards for the different economic needs you may have. These are some of the different types of credit cards:

  • Cards that give back a % of your monthly expenses.
  • Cards to accumulate air miles and other points.
  • Cards to establish or improve your credit. Cards with 0% limited APR (perfect to transfer balances on to)

These cards can be quite useful, but they must be used with responsibility because if you don’t pay off your balance, it might end up hurting your credit record and your options to get financing in the future.

Compare Credit Cards With SuperDinero from APR:


Compare Credit Card Options With Superdinero With Amounts Up To:


# of options to manage your debts with SuperDinero’s Network:


The requirements to apply to credit cards with SuperDinero’s financial network are the following:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Have a verifiable income in the US.
  • Have a SSN or ITIN (if you don’t have either of these, you may visit our article on loans without social security).
  •  Be a resident, citizen, or have a visa H1-B, L-1, o-1, E-1, TN, F1, J1, and others (tourist visas are not eligible).

How Do Credit Cards Work?

Credit cards work like “mini loans” that the bank gives you month by month. At the end of the month, you must pay off the balance or the bank will begin to charge you interest on the unpaid total. The monthly amount of these mini loans along with the rate of interest you are eligible to, depend on your credit record, payment history, and type of card.


Always make sure you understand and agree with the terms of your credit card before accepting it. You may also want to make sure to follow the following advice to make sure you get the most out of your card for as little as possible:

  • Never spend more than your approved amount (If you overuse your card, you will get fines)
  • Try to use less than 30% of your total limit (Using less than your limit helps to improve your credit).
  • Pay off your monthly balance if possible (this way you will avoid getting charged with interest).
  • Always pay on time, even if it’s the minimum (otherwise your credit will be harmed and your interests may rise).

How To Apply to a Card?

In the past, in order to apply to a credit card, you had to physically go to various banks to make the required applications. This, of course, meant you’d spend a lot of your precious time and energy, and even worse, it wouldn’t allow you to easily compare the various options for credit cards available to you so you could pick the one that was the best. Thanks to SuperDinero and technology in general, you can now avoid all that and easily apply to your credit cards on line and gain the following benefits:


  • Applying is free and can be done from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.
  • By being able to compare more cards online you may find better terms (from 0% interest rates).
  • The approval process is quicker, you may be approved in a matter of seconds.

If you wish to compare credit cads you may want to check out the best credit card options with which we work, or you can contact one of our professionals at SuperDinero who will assist you for free: https://hola.superdinero.org/tarjetas

Cards According to Your Credit History


Even though getting credit cards with good terms such as 0% limited APR is easier for people with good credit records, there are many other options for credit cards for people with bad credit. We have created a list of the possible credit card terms you might be eligible to according to your credit history and we have included more information on how you may apply to these:

  1. Excellent Credit : If your credit record is between 670 and 850 you may qualify to the best cards such as Platinum, but you probably already knew that. These cards have the best benefits, discounts, and lowest interests.
  2. Good Credit: If your credit is between 620 and 670 you may qualify to good credit cards like Gold and Silver. These cards have quite good benefits, discounts and low interests.
  3. Regular Credit: If your credit record is between 580 and 620 you may qualify to good credit cards like Gold and Silver, only with a slightly higher interest than people with good credit.
  4. Bad Credit:  If your credit record is lower than 580, you can still qualify to credit cards for people with bad credit. These don’t have as much benefits and interests are usually a bit higher, but they may help you make your payments. You can also apply for cards with guarantee which help you improve your credit, and if you pay these on time they promote you to a card that does not require a guarantee.

At SuperDinero, we aim to be as transparent as possible with our audience, which is why we only offer you options we trust and that comply with our standards. You can read our advertising disclosure and terms of use where we explain how we pick the companies we work with and how we finance ourselves by promoting these services on our page.

Where Can I Apply for a Card?

We work with companies all across the 50 states, but in certain states we count with more options. Read more about these states in the following articles:

  1. Credit Cards in California
  2. Credit Cards in Florida
  3. Credit Cards in Texas
  4. Credit Cards in New York


Call us now: (855) 221-2006  for a 100% free consultation 🙂


1. ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre una tarjeta recargable y una tarjeta de crédito asegurada?
La diferencia que existe entre estos dos tipos de tarjeta es que recargable o pre-pagada no crea un historial crediticio mientras que una tarjeta de crédito con garantía sí (también conocida como tarjeta de crédito asegurada).
2. ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre una tarjeta de débito y una tarjeta de crédito?
La diferencia que existe entre estos dos tipos de tarjeta es que la tarjeta de crédito crea un historial de crédito mientras que la de débito no. Aunque, la tarjeta de crédito también crean problemas de deudas, pero ayuda a protegerte de pagos fraudulentos y con la de débito es más difícil recuperar pagos.

Por otro lado, la tarjeta de débito es una tarjeta que está asociada directamente a tu cuenta, con esta puedes sacar dinero de los cajeros o pagando directamente en el comercio.

3. ¿Cuáles son algunas tarjetas de crédito de fácil aprobación?
Las tarjetas de crédito iniciales o básicas son las más fáciles de obtener porque no cuentan con un gran límite ni grandes recompensas, pero estás te permiten mejorar tu récord crediticio.

Pero, solo por ser primera vez tienen límites bajos, con un uso responsable y pagando siempre a tiempo, esto permitirá que aumenten los límites y vayas mejorando tu historial. 

4. ¿Qué necesito para aplicar para una tarjeta de crédito?

Los bancos usualmente solicitan: SSN, ITIN o pasaporte extranjero, ingresos, historial crediticio y el límite de crédito deseado.





Best Credit Cards for Latinos In The US_ Chase Freedom Unlimited

APR: 14.99% – 23.74%

Puntaje: 640 – 850

Best Credit Cards for Latinos In The US_ Citi Double Cash Card

APR: 13.99% – 23.99%

Puntaje: 680 – 850

Best Credit Cards for Latinos In The US_ Discover It

APR: 11.99% – 22.99%

Puntaje: 680 – 850

Best Credit Cards for Latinos In The US_ Upgrade

APR: 8.99% – 29.99%

Puntaje: 600 – 850

Mejores Tarjetas De Crédito - Bank Of America Cash Rewards

APR: 13.99% – 23.99%

Puntaje: 640 – 850

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